Collect and Analyze feedback.

Get distilled insights easy. Simply ask for feedback, get your AI powered summary and iterate.

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A better way to get feedback

All you need to do is write a title and description. We create a unique URL to share with your audience. Before you know it, a neat summary of all the feedback you received will be ready for you to review, making your life easier and your decisions smarter. Let's change the way we interact with feedback, together!

1. Create your Jar (what needs feedback?)

Add a title, description and link that describes your project, presentation, idea or new feature. You name it!

2. Get your link and share it

You can share this unique url with anyone. It will contain the info you provided and a field for the feedback, in a nice format. (you can check it out yourself before sending)

3. Get your AI summarized results

After three days receive a summarized report from all the feedback we collected.